What if the real Santa Clause was a hitman that kids could hire to off their parents, no questions asked? Little Sally finds out the truth about Santa when her friend Suzy points her in the direction of The Real Santa. He’ll grant your Christmas wish…but not for free.

The Real Santa has appeared in Seattle International Film Festival, LA Comedy Shorts, HollyShorts Film Festival, STIFF, Short Sweet Film Festival, and several other festivals. Winner best dark comedy: STIFF, Short Sweet Film Festival. Honorable mention HollyShorts.


What if the Devil was lazy and those going to hell were given a choice – nearly eternity in Heaven, or a wooden spoon?

Heaven or Spoon was another of the pilot shorts from iFilmThat. Shot in one day, post production in four days, and preproduction of three days helped us approach our goal of being able to find a trending story on a platform, write the script, preprod, shoot, post, and deliver in a 7-10-day timeframe to capture the already engaged online audience. What an experience! In the first 3 days of release of the pilot shorts, iFilmThat received more than 1 million views across all platforms. The iFilmThat pilot was written up in numerous online publications like Huffpost, Geekwire, Le Monde, and several others.


A hitchhiker with somewhere to be, a driver picking up for the first time. Two ships passing in the night? More like two psychopaths hunting in the night. Watch as a seasoned serial killer meets their biggest fan.

Pretty Little Miss was part of a three short pilot launch for iFilmThat, an entertainment incubation idea around building short form content quickly and inexpensively from trending and viral content from social platforms like Reddit, Whatpad, and Whisper. A machine learning data model picked the stories and we made them. In the first day of release Pretty Little Miss spiked at over 745k views in the first twelve hours across multiple platforms, and was on reddit/all frontpage in the top five for over ten hours.


The Sherriff of sleepy Clearwater loses a friend to violence, and in hunting down the murderers he finds the truth but loses himself.

My first movie. I thought I would just be a writer, until I won the IFP Spotlight for the script and production package and planning. They made me direct it! What a great first, unexpected experience. 

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