I’m Robert O’Twomney, a writer and director that started life out as a theoretical mathematician and physicist who later morphed into a successful technology leader. I now focus solely on writing and directing. 

Few things nurture and excite me like telling stories, and even fewer products are better than movies. I approach filmmaking a bit differently because of my background. I think of what winds up on the screen as a product, and any great product keeps the customer in mind, excited, and coming back for more. The creative freedom and opportunity for discovery that a customer-oriented approach gives is surprising, and often allows for chances to be taken that you wouldn’t have otherwise. I believe an artist can take anything they’re given and imbue it with their essential point of view, hence making it unique, new, and their own.

My approach to filmmaking and commercial work is highly collaborative and listening oriented. My role as director is to create vision and clarity, energize and motivate, and drive for the best results possible for the film or customer project. 

I have won the IFP Spotlight Award; started the data-driven media company iFilmThat that released 3 shorts which received 1 million views across all platforms in the first 3 days; and had shorts in SIFF, HollyShorts, LA Short Fest, Santa Monica FF, Short Sweet FF, STIFF, and several others. 

Also, I 100% do not take myself as seriously as the photos on this site make it seem.