Do I Need Creative Consulting for my Film?

Do I Need Creative Consulting Services for Films?

My first question to you as a filmmaker would be: what are you trying to accomplish and how, or where, are you stuck? 

If you have a great idea and you've written it down, but somehow it feels like it is no longer fresh or lacks luster compared to how you imagined it in your head, then you probably need help with the story or script. 

If you are in preproduction and you are doing preliminary visualization, but you're just not getting the intensity you're looking for, or perhaps it starting to get away from you and have a look and feel you don't think serves your story, then finding someone to help is a great short-term idea.

If you're in edit and you can't quite figure out why it's not signing to you, bring in another set of eyes if you and your team feel like you're hitting a wall and can't figure it out.

The next question is...

What does a creative consultant do? 

The answer can be: anything you need!

The title of creative consultant has generally become a catch all for someone who comes in and helps with the story and script, helps the producers or director with visualization ideas, or is even someone tapped to work with the director throughout the production as a sounding board. 

The reason that creative consultants don't get credited as writers, etc, is because their contributions are often scoped to a couple of specific problems, or their work is simply ideation and problem solving without implementation.

While I love creating stories and making movies, I also deeply enjoy creative consulting for films for other people. I have most commonly worked with other writers and directors on story and script, as well as visualization and performance ideas, and final edit help.

My extensive background in the technology industry working at major software companies and solving large scale issues for millions of users every day, has trained me to be a highly custom-driven problem solver. 

My Creative Consulting Services for Films:

  • Story
  • Script
  • Visualization 
  • Performance
  • Edit/Final Edit Polishing

I feel like most creatives that work in movies can do creative consulting for films, but not everyone enjoys doing that for other people's projects. I do!

If you're having issues with your movie, reach out and let's chat for a minute to see how I can help.